Part 3: The Horse Equipments

III. Horse Equipments**

A. Horse furniture (Issued by Ordnance Dept after 1855)
1. Halter
a. To control the head when dismounted
b. Serves as attachment for watering bit and lead rope
2. Lead rope
a. To lead horse when dismounted
b. To secure horse as to picket line or post
3. Bit/bridle/reins
a. Brakes
b. Allows mounted control of the head
4. Link strap
a. Used when dismounting to fight on foot
b. Allows 3 horses to be "linked" together
5. Water bit and reins
a. Allows horse to feed or water with interference
b. More "gentle" design, snaffle
c. Sometimes used for training of the young horse
6. Saddle/girth
a. For the rider
b. Allows for the attachment of additional equipments
7. Horse blanket
a. Cushions horse's back
8. Breast collar
a. Fits over chest and attaches to saddle by rings
b. Keeps saddle from slipping to the rear
c. Useful in hilly/mountainous terrain
9. Crupper
a. Fits over rump and under the tail
b. Keeps saddle from slipping forward
10. Surcingle
a. Seat-belt for the saddle
b. Fits over saddle, under quarterstraps, around horse and buckles in vicinity of the girth
11. Saddle bags
a. Fits behind cantle
b. Held by studs and loops on skirt
b. Held ammo, spare socks, 2 shoes and nails, hoof pick
12. Coat straps (6)
a. Fits through slots in pommel and cantle
b. 3 in the front and 3 in the back
c. Used to secure items to the saddle
13. Curry comb
a. Toothed metal brush
b. Used to remove mud and shedding hair
14. Horse brush
a. Used to brush
b. Frequently carried in nose bag
15. Hoof pick
a. Hoof cleaning tool
16. Feed bag [Nose bag]
a. For feeding grain to horse
b. Fits over head
c. Risk of suffocation
d. Carried over pommel
e. Frequently looped over greatcoat and through pommel rings
B. Trooper’s gear
1. Haversack
a. Carried over the pommel
b. Used to carry trooper's personal items
c. Canvas or tarred canvas with linen liner
2. Canteen
a. Carried from the cantle
b. Veteran troopers would change sides to keep it out of the sun
3. Cup
a. Carried on saddle bag or canteen strap
4. Lariat
a. Looped over picket pin
b. Attached to pommel by rings
5. Picket pin
a. To anchor horse when dismounted
b. Also used sidelines
6. Greatcoat
a. Carried over pommel
b. Secured by coat straps
c. Double breasted, long cape, split in the back
d. Doubled as blanket
7. Gum blanket
a. Carried over front or back
b. Ground cloth
c. Served as rain poncho
8. Blanket
a. Carried on the front or back
b. Sometimes placed under saddle
C. Weapons
1. Saber
2. Revolver
3. Carbine
a. Sling
b. Snap/swivel


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