The Horse

Part 1: The Value of The Horse To The Mission

Part 2: The Horse As Soldier

Part 3: The Horse Equipments

Part 4: The Care of the Cavalry Horse

Part 5: Feeding, Grooming and Watering

Part 6: Type, Relationship with Trooper and Character of The Cavalry Horse

See Also
US Cavalry Tactics Manuals of 1856, 1862, 1874
Steffen: The Horse Soldier Vols II-III
Lord: Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia
Gen W. H. Carter: Horses, Saddles and Bridles, 1906
Hutchins, James: Boots and Saddles At The Little Bighorn
Reedstrom: Bugles, Banners and War Bonnets

Disclaimer: Although this information was taken from various historical references and sources, it is a compliation from various time periods. It is not intended to be a precise historical discussion of policies and practices for any specific time period.

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