Timid Masses

Many sunsets ago I stood upon the grounds, as the sounds of reveille rushed through my veins. Erect and still; the wind crackled through my hair as reveries danced through my mind. I wondered, what will the future be like? Who will the heroes be when the history of this era is written?

My mind receded to the dry parched earth of the Rio Grande, where we patrolled over the cacti and mesquite, then faded to the Sierra Bonitas and the Western Plains.

Through the telescope of time I saw the future battles; The Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, and Korea. Then I wondered, When the final pages of history are written, will they remeber me? Will they remember my dedication and valor?

(Timid Masses)

Dr John Productions
The New Buffalo Soldiers, Shadow Hills, CA. All rights reserved.