Number 9: Instructions for the Guard
by Lt Col J. W. Alexander [Source Unknown]

Head Quarters 4th U.S.C.C.
Camp Parapet, La July 25/64

Instructions for the Guard

The officer of the Guard will be held strictly responsible for the cleanliness of the entire camp. He will also see that his Guard as soon as relieved fires their muskets at the target. He will have a bugler detailed with his Guard and will cause that he punctually call the different calls as per

(General Orders) No 12
Reveille 5.30 o'clock
Sick Call 5.45
Breakfast Call 6.
Guard Mounting 7.
Drill Call 7.30
Recall 9.
Dinner 12 N
Drill Call 4.30 PM
Recall 6.30
Dress Parade 7.
Supper immediately after parade,
Tatto 8.30 PM
Taps 9.

The Officer of the Guard will see that his Guard is kept clean. After retreat he will see that their uniform is changed into blouses. We will not permit any man under his command to have the Guard House except for their meals which they must do by relief.

The Officers of the Guard will be held strictly responsible for the enforcement of these instructions.

By not doing so he will be subject to a General Court Marshal

By Order of Lt Col J. W. Alexander
1st Lt O.C. and acting Ajudnt

These instructions will be turned over to the new Officers of the Guard.

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