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The Valley Spirit (Franklin County's Democratic Newspaper)

The Negro and the War, January 27, 1864
Excerpt: The effect of this proclamation has simply been to free the slaves from their masters, and while it provides no remedy for the evils of slavery, leaves them in filthy camps to die of starvation and disease. Deadened as the sensibilities of the whole nation have become to scenes of suffering and distress, the tales of horror which come up to us from the camps of freed negroes along the Mississippi cannot fail to enlist our sympathies.

Cool Rascality, March 2, 1864
Excerpt: On Thursday, whilst the freight train stopped at the Depot, some soldiers who were on the train bound for Chambersburg got off and thrusting their hands into the pockets of a colored boy in the employ of Mr. Eskins at the Hotel, took his purse containing all the money he had.

The Nigger in Cars, March 2, 1864
Excerpt: The United States Senate--supposed to be the highest and most dignified body in the country--last week passed a resolution to compel the street Railroad companies of Washington City to allow negroes to ride in their cars. This is eminently proper in that locality. As niggers rule the roost at Washington it is no more than fair that they should ride in the cars.

A Race For Glory, June 15, 1864
Excerpt: Mr. William D. Kelley is indignant. He does not care much whether the Federal taxes are so imposed that Massachusetts gets off nearly scot free whilst Pennsylvania pays twice as much as she ought; but when it becomes a question of who "drew the first blood," a negro or a Yankee, all his passions are aroused.

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