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The following articles were compiled from the Franklin Repository, the Valley Spirit, and the New York Times. The former two sources provide us with local views regarding blacks and their involvement in the war. The Franklin Repository, the county's republican newspaper, is generally accepting of the black community's role in the war. Most of the articles from the Franklin Repository inform the reader of the atrocities committed against black soldiers by the Confederate Army. On the other hand, many of the articles collected from the Valley Spirit, Franklin County's democratic newspaper, suggest a resentment toward blacks and the attention being paid them by the national government.

Please note that the language in these newspapers is often highly offensive. This highly offensive language does not represent the views of this site's creators. We have decided to present the newspapers in their original form and content, not edit out language or views we don't agree with. This language represents the widely held opinions of many mid-nineteenth-century Americans. Please read this language not as statements of fact but in the context of mid-nineteenth-century politics and society.

The New York Times

The Ovation to the Black Man, March 7, 1864
Excerpt: There has been no more striking manifestation of the marvelous times that are upon us than the scene in our streets at the departure of the first of our colored regiments. Had any man predicted it last year he would have been thought a fool, even by the wisest and most discerning. History abounds with strange contrasts. It always has been an ever-shifting melo-drama. But never, in this land at least, has it presented a transition so extreme and yet so speedy as what our eyes have just beheld.

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